Nutrients For Dogs

Photo by Verónica Bautista   Dogs are highly active animals and so they are required to be fed with a highly nutritious food. As a pet owner you should know that one of the important aspects of pet care is Read More

living green

Living Green With Cats

photo by campb_LLs Poor kitty. Always getting blamed for killing local wildlife, when in fact, many tame cats are mostly inefficient hunters. Some people feel the well-fed, tame neighborhood cats pose the greatest risk to birds and other small animals. Read More

stray cats

Stray Cats and Kittens

photo by RobbieJ_ Stray cats and kittens are a huge problem in a great number of communities. Stray cats are forced to fend for themselves in a habitat that isn’t very friendly to homeless, domestic animals. When a cat is Read More


Frontline For Cats

by DPK_Photography Scientifically Formulated Frontline for cats is specially designed to work with the oils on your cats skin, which are always being released. The problem with many over the counter products is that while they kill fleas, they don’t Read More

Train dogs

How to Train Dogs

=”″>tbone_sandwich It may seem like a very simple task at first, but training dogs isn’t a walk in the park. You see, even before you can actually walk your dog to the park, you have to teach your pooch to Read More

speaking exotic pet birds

Speaking Exotic Pet Birds

by MHC flashing_starlight Have you ever owned speaking exotic pet birds? Whoever stated that only a individual can be your finest good friend and speak to you for hours, was incorrect! Did you know that there are a number of Read More

shoeing your horses

Shoeing Or Not Shoeing Your Horses

by Another Pint Please… Shoeing your horses is a decision you will need to make. This article discusses advantages and disadvantages. Racing horses are especially shoed to increase their running speed. This is achieved by growing the toes longer than Read More

Importance of tooth care for horses

Importance of Tooth Care For Horses

image by Scott Kinmartin Importance Of Tooth Care for Horses: Dental care is one of the most important aspects involved in bringing up a physically fit, well-maintained horse. Health, performance and comfort of the horse are all dependent on a Read More

Cyanosis in Cats

Cyanosis in Cats

image by hkase Cyanosis in cats and the blue skin coloration it brings is one of the most alarming symptoms that any cat owner will ever face. It is a condition known as Cyanosis and is caused by a lack Read More


image by Phil Fiddyment Bird lovers may choose to build a home for birds native to their region.  There are a variety of do-it-yourself birdhouse kits on the market today, making it easier to construct. The habit of nesting in Read More

toy dogs

Toy Dogs

image by llee_wu No, you never wind up these toy dogs and they never take batteries! Toy dogs are turning out to be much more well-liked all on the time. These tiny k-9s, the result of generations of selective breeding, Read More


What to Know About Thoroughbred Race Horses

image by Infomastern The thoroughbred breed was actually created during the 17th and 18th centuries when mares from England were bred with Arabian stallions brought to the country. Later, the thoroughbreds were shipped to other countries including America, Australia, Japan, Read More


Dogs and Heartworm

A lot of various different animals can be greatly affected by contracting the dreaded disease we call by heartworm. Dogs are one of the most usual and perhaps most common targets that fall victim to such a condition. But what Read More

eczema in dogs

Eczema in Dogs

Eczema is a very tormenting skin condition which is experienced by people of all ages, from infancy to adulthood. Eczema has many types but  some of the common signs and symptoms include red, dry, inflamed skin. For people suffering from Read More

cats toilet training

Cats Toilet Training

Finding the ability to train your cat to use the house toilet has been an on going concept for decades. Over the last several years, such training has become popular. Most people would like to have the smell of that Read More

Three categories of horses

The Three Categories of Horses

The three categories of horses have been bred throughout the years.  No matter which type you look for it’s going to appeal to you. These animals are very beautiful, and you got to be cautious while looking for one. Temperament Read More

massive American birds

Massive American Birds

There are many massive American birds.  Due to the facts that they do not lay many eggs at a time, eating poisoned food put out for other animals and hunting, many of them are endangered species.  Below are facts about Read More